The Bike Trail

So it begins - facing South, towards I-20.

This is the first entry in the new "Downstream" section. Like the satirical "Newsflow" section, this segment of the website will be absurd and absolutely without humor. However, unlike the "Newsflow" it is not satire.

That said, both sections will strive for the same low-quality writing and thinking people have come to expect when not reading the Pearl River Flow.

So, dear nonexistent reader, let us embark on a trip through a not-quite-existent reality, one that holds the potential for some revitalization and rejuvenation for an area we hold most dear  - the part of downtown Jackson down by the River.

The Rails to Trails program has already begun on part of this stretch, the trail behind Belhaven (which, as a neighborhood, is doing fine) that eventually, plans on attaching to Madison County, a place of untold horror.

But say we stretch that bike trail a bit further? From the old rails underneath I-20 all the way to Flowood?

Here, the trail comes under Highway 80, which crippled this tree.

It could be a nice tie-in to the old coke bottling plant should that ever get anywhere other than more dilapidated. This chunk is near some strip clubs, liquor stores, and other fun diversions that don't cost a ton of cash. It's a nice even railbed, too - sturdy enough in most places that it wouldn't need refurbishing to death.

Though, there is a problem. Parts are built up on trellises. Trees are growing into those, and they're quite run down. They would no doubt have to be replaced, or at least, cleaned up and given some safety rails.

We also cross Town Creek a few meters from State Street, so perhaps a biking addition to that street would be a better idea for this area.

My lawyers have informed me that trees do not count as safety railing.

There's a lot of plans about what could be done about this place I call home. Some maniacs want to build lakes, or turn Town Creek into a marina through a process I call "magic." But it's a scenic swamp, home to important wildlife, and it's on top of a landfill. We don't have to do "something" with it. We can just clean it up and go check it out.

Here's a particularly precarious part: The bridge over Town Creek. That'll have to have some serious work done, you can see through the slats when walking across it. Safety tip: Do not walk across it.

I'm glad my wife doesn't read my blog because she told me not to cross things like this.

There can be some nice views out here. The Southern part of the river is more open, with some nice sunrises. I even devote a whole section of my gallery to nice views out here in the wastes. Some of them may require a little imagination, or an appreciation of the glamor of decay.

But, finally, you exit the overgrown bridges and trellises, and reach a point where a sensible developer might consider beginning this beautiful bike trail.  Behind Enterprise Car Rentals. I was saddened when I discovered that they only rent cars, and not Starships. This is all a light industrial area, and while there are some abandoned bits, it's mostly working, if not busy. Getting some more traffic down here would certainly call attention to these worthy businesses.

Now - on to our next area - the Industrial Zone of Commerce street, the site of the infamous Old Capitol Green project failure. Though, to be honest, on that site there's some super nice watercolors. I imagine they're for sale.

Out of the weeds of our past and ONWARD! To the FUTURE! Okay, yeah, there's more weeds ahead, too.