The Bike Trail - Part 4 - Movin' on Up

This used to be a brothel, which is what I thought the moment I saw it.

Now that we've crossed High Street we're in Belhaven Heights. This, easily enough, is actually part of the existing Rails to Trails program. So, really, what am I walking you through, here?

Most of the walking was super-boring because I wasn't on a sweet bike. This is just a small sample of what I go through to bring you the stunning vistas of trash and abandoned shoes that you see.


There's an extant park that could be connected to a larger trail. A neighborhood, the ever-so-popular "mixed use" kind that's got a restaurant or two, some houses, and a little light industry.

The Rails to Trails cleaned up some of this a while back, but - people are still dumping trash out here, and not just in a "littering" kind of way.

On down the road, even the corporate husks over at Entergy have gotten in on the FP Jerome bike-trail bandwagon, by promising a sort of cartoon overlay. I'm honestly not expecting much more than this sign.

Still though, in 8 or so years, I can make a joke about this like I did about the Capitol Green watercolors!

Here at Entergy Station, which is sadly not a space station but just what you humans call a "park," I saw the first indication that this was part of the Rails to Trails program. Also, part of the "Heart of Mississippi Trails," which is something I had not heard of until I read it on this sign.

Looks legit.

Still, it's associated with the Bike Walk Mississippi, which is a good sign.

Now I was on a strong trail, the smell of Mexican food was in the air, and nothing barred my path. While I wasn't speeding along like I would be on a totally sweet bike trail, this was my fault, as I wasn't biking. I was walking. For picture-taking purposes.

So I passed underneath Fortification Street, the street most likely to get a hilariously misspoken name by your out-of-town in-laws. Traversing the forbodding stone pillars, covered in pretty decent graffiti (and some shitty stuff too, let's not lie) I found myself entering a dangerous no-man's land. On my left, the good side of town. On my right, the swamp. The trail would take me down the middle, and towards the mythical land of Flowood.

Though, some nice tires! I didn't need any tires. Maybe later.