Where Is One Lake?

Given the name of this website, it should come as no surprise that we are against the ill-conceived "One Lake" project.

There are plenty of great places to get your information on how terrible this plan is, that is not what I aim to do here. Maybe one day!

Here, instead, you can see what this trash-filled lake will be REPLACING. 

Find your favorite fishing areas, public spaces, and woodlands, and see how they'll be bulldozed! Find toxic waste sites that'll be covered in water! Find multimillion dollar businesses that will be bought out, all thanks to our map!

LEGEND: The YELLOW areas are "fill," where the existing trees and features will be bulldozed, and dirt piled up to reach the designated height.
The BLUE areas are the lake itself, which will be denuded and stripped.
The BRIGHT GREEN areas are "natural" islands, which may or may not have to be built up (destroying any existing natural space)
The blurry purple indicators are boat ramps and other features more visible in the ORIGINAL drawing.


This map was created using Google Earth, qGIS, and images from the taxpayer-funded (supposedly public) entity of the Rankin-Hinds Pearl River Flood & Drainage district.

This quasi-governmental agency has been using your money to run a PR campaign for this venture. They were not kind enough to provide us with useful documents, so we had use the publicity images that they host on their website, which is nothing more than a slick advertisement for their real estate development project.

The version we use can be found HERE.

Great reporting on the fact that this project would NOT protect against the Easter Flood (the main selling point of the project) can be found HERE, courtesy of Jackson Free Press.

If you want to help fight this terrible project, we're partial to Pearl Riverkeeper, despite their attempts to pick up all the trash on the river.