Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan


Jackson is overflowing with art, music, and culture.

Some of it is quite good. 

Here are some of my cohorts and co-conspirators.

Walter Young - Musician, programmer, and bikeman. He's also been a part of numerous expeditions to fill up the ole gallery. I helped pack his album Floating World, back when people used lasers to engrave discs of plastic as a sound media storage-transfer thing. It was a weird time. I also somehow helped some with Interstellar Flower Power, the album and the game. Or so I'm told. I honestly have no idea how music works.

daniel johnson - His "Westinghouse Refrigerator Project" was the inspiration for my photography. Also, I filled that sucker up with turtle shells. It was a great year for art, and a bad year for turtles. All the turtles were free ranged, organic, and died of natural causes. Or, at least, not caused by me.

Roy Atkins - Once I had decided to take swamp pictures, I sought out a real photographer to give me some advice. If there's a picture on here that looks good, it's because of Roy's advice, and if there's a picture on here that looks terrible, it's because you're comparing it to Roy's stuff. Stop that. He's a professional, and I am merely a drunk river hobo with a nice digital device.

Clay Hardwick - A Jackson based video artist and editor, Clay's done good work, and I think I might be in some of it. I don't know what I look like, so maybe not.

You can find ME via other methods as well:

The Book of Faces: This is the Facebook page for the website. Not for me, personally, because at this point, honestly, you're getting kinda stalky.

The Electronic-Mail: Contact me at fpjeromeiv AT gmail DOT com if you'd like to further your understanding of just what it is that is going on here.

TWITTER: FP JEROME tweets a lot. If you like the website, you'll like the tweets. If you don't like either, then what the hell are you doing here? Are you hate-reading this? That's not healthy. Not one bit.