Flotsam, Jetsam, Lagan


Jackson is overflowing with art, music, and culture.

Some of it is quite good. 

Here are some of my cohorts and co-conspirators.

Walter Young - Musician, programmer, and bikeman. He's also been a part of numerous expeditions to fill up the ole gallery. I helped pack his album Floating World, back when people used lasers to engrave discs of plastic as a sound media storage-transfer thing. It was a weird time. I also somehow helped some with Interstellar Flower Power, the album and the game. Or so I'm told. I honestly have no idea how music works.

daniel johnson - His "Westinghouse Refrigerator Project" was the inspiration for my photography. Also, I filled that sucker up with turtle shells. It was a great year for art, and a bad year for turtles. All the turtles were free ranged, organic, and died of natural causes. Or, at least, not caused by me.

Roy Atkins - Once I had decided to take swamp pictures, I sought out a real photographer to give me some advice. If there's a picture on here that looks good, it's because of Roy's advice, and if there's a picture on here that looks terrible, it's because you're comparing it to Roy's stuff. Stop that. He's a professional, and I am merely a drunk river hobo with a nice digital device.

Clay Hardwick - A Jackson based video artist and editor, Clay's done good work, and I think I might be in some of it. I don't know what I look like, so maybe not.

You can find ME via other methods as well:

The Book of Faces: This is the Facebook page for the website. Not for me, personally, because at this point, honestly, you're getting kinda stalky.

The Electronic-Mail: Contact me at PEARLRIVERFLOW AT gmail DOT com if you'd like to further your understanding of just what it is that is going on here. OR, just sign up for THE NEWSLETTER at the bottom of the page.

TWITTER: FP JEROME tweets a lot. If you like the website, you'll like the tweets. If you don't like either, then what the hell are you doing here? Are you hate-reading this? That's not healthy. Not one bit.