Deus Ex

Just more of the thrilling attention to game design from the company that gave us  Daikatana .

Just more of the thrilling attention to game design from the company that gave us Daikatana.

My original Steam review of Deus Ex: Game of the Year edition, states this:

DO NOT BUY: Game says GOTY Edition, but no matter how I configure installs - even with all the fan made content that's easy to use - no matter what the year does not revert to 2000.


You would be amiss to think that I actually A: Believed this to be some sort of time travel scheme. Or B: Do not love the game Deus Ex to a fault. My love of the game IS a major personality flaw. I've gone through too many replays of this game to count. In fact, it's been almost as disastrously bad for my social and professional life as Baldur's Gate - a game that has honestly, crippled me.

Maybe you should stay away from Deus Ex. It's still good. The graphics have aged well, they're that blockish early-naughts look, with overactive lighting and weird blurs. You can update them using high-rez textures and the sleek "New Vision" mod. That makes the game sleeker and play better, and everything's shiny, but yeah, it still looks like a N64 game or something.

It has that wonderful quality of pre-internet gaming - it's entirely pick-up-and-play, you don't have to be connected to the internet, it boots in like 2 seconds (even with a nice launcher that lets you add mods in and all that) and you can go from zero to running around IN THE FUTURE in about 20 seconds. You can pause or alt-tab and come back to the game later, and while sound is kinda important, you honestly can make it through with your headphones off if your family is bugging you to pay attention to their goddamn stories about work.

Get some mods if you want, pick up a cheap copy and stick it on your laptop (checkmate, in-laws) and do yourself the favor of reading all the books, backdrop newspapers, and datacubes. They're hilarious views to a paranoid future that doesn't take itself too seriously, all while being about classic cyberpunk themes: Hackers, AI, government conspiracies, clones galore, and more.