You could win a USED PLATE!


Dear Reader, have you ever looked through these photo galleries (statistics suggest that 41% of you have at least looked *at* them) and thought to yourself "Wow, I wish I had some of THAT sweet loot?"

Well here's your chance to win junk by being funny. This is a humor-site (statistics suggest that 85% of you don't believe any of this to be funny at all) and you could make it more amusing and win something!

Just leave a comment on ANY article or section of the website. Funniest comment wins. Simple as that. You can leave as many as you want, or win with a single golden jab. Comment on ALL the articles. Make a joke down here. Feel free.

This will mark a momentous occasion when A: People leave comments. and B: I read them. I guarantee you neither will happen again.

When you win, I'll go to the swamp and hand-pick something JUST FOR YOU! I'll then either clean it or preserve it and make sure it's something that you can actually have in your house without attracting ants.

The contest will end when I feel like it's been won, though I'll probably give everyone a couple of weeks. If you don't live in Jackson, I'll mail it to you or wait till you come to town.