Lost Episodes of Friends

According to the window we watch while huddled around our garbage-can fire, the 90's (1990s) TV (television) show Friends is available via "Netflix," which we river hobos can only assume is a code word for the things that are flicked from the nets that pull the bountiful seafood from the oceans.

According to our visual department, this is "New York City."

We have been able to discern few details about the show itself, but with the visual evidence alone, we have put together the following facts:

1: It is about six power brokers in Wall Street financial institutions with serious jobs that allow for significant amounts of time off.

2: They are obscenely wealthy, given their apartment sizes, coffee habits, and wardrobes.

3: They have a multitude of lovers in some sort of sexual "revolving door" situation.

4: At the top of the world in the most powerful city on the planet, they need for nothing physical or spiritual, a situation they leaven with various antics.

5: No matter how much time passes, they maintain this philosophical ennui. Days, months, years, all pass without event. They are meant to represent the ultimate insulating power of wealth.

This photograph represents the gap between these people and the 1%. We could not afford metaphorical imagery of the 1%.

Being being unable to hear the audio, we believe that the show is in the same vein as Dallas, showing the rise (and eventual fall, we're only on season 2) of a family (all the black haired ones are related, right?) at the center of a tempest of wealth and power. It was absurdly popular, last millennium, and as such, was quite often milked for more than it was worth.

Yes, we have found a list of the lost episodes of Friends.

Probably scribbled by this guy, given some of the content.

1: The One Where Rachel Births the Moon Child.

2: The One Where Monica Gets Confused With Another Monica.

3: The One With All the Blood.

4: The One With The One.

5: The One After All the Blood.

6: The One Where Joey Is Taken To Dulce Base.

7: The One With the Archons of the Outer Dark.

8: The One With No Survivors.

9: The One Where A Dark Name is Spoken.

10: The One Tale of Two Pizzas.

11: The One With All the 9/11.

12: The One Where The Gang Meets a Black Person.

13: The One Where Ross Covers Up Something Man Was Not Meant to Know.

14: The One With the Sigil and Key.

15: The One Who Cannot Be Named

16: The One Who Is Many Shares a Taxi.

17: The One Where Chandler Speaks the Syllables of the Kingmoor Ring.

18: The One Where the Gang Gets Evicted.

19: The One from the Depths.

20: The One Where Phoebe Must "ær grim struht fola" in Accordance With Bald.

21: The One With the Bums Fighting for Scraps.

22: The One Where the Empire Falls.

23: The One With Tom Hanks.