Poems for the End of the World

Here at Pearl River Flow, we maintain a positive, uplifting viewpoint at all times. Therefore, in a move unprecedented, we have decided to stockpile poems in case all things should come to an end here on planet Earth.

Unmanned truncheons

Bludgeon us

We gave them permission

To do this unto others

The Star was so far away

Died before

The last dinosaur

Sent a present our ways

Thank you for the ozone

Destroying rays


Green rows absorbing


Corn to eat Corn to meat


Corn to build Corn to burn


Corn is poison Corn is plastic


Steel teeth rusting People trusting


A fleet from a distant star

They were all that we are

Who told him then to push the button?

Something ten thousand years ago

Written on stone

Transmitted in ego

Ruination and salvation

Throughout the ages

Just to reach this final action

Sacred Obliteration

We poisoned the air

So that they could not breathe it.

We fouled the water

So that they could not drink it.

We salted the earth

So that they could not sprout from it.

We blacked out the sun

So that they could not eat it.

They march in lockstep

Scars on their cortex

They seem just like us

So long as they

Wear their helmets

Not the last bullet

Not the last gun

The last man fired the shot

The last foe was done.

We believed

We could breathe anything

Eat anything

Drink anything

We believed in alchemy

One thing as good as the other




We believed

They were equal

We believed

We could make anything

But the trees disagreed

So did the sea and algae

We laughed at the dinosaurs

They had no rockets, we said

No things with which we fought our wars

We aimed all that at asteroids

Confident and

Too late