All the Tributaries

We have not yet released a record, but you can  find us on iTunes .

We have not yet released a record, but you can find us on iTunes.

You're probably wondering how you - as a loyal reader and lover of trash - can get even MORE Pearl River Flow into your attention streams!

There's ways.

First up, we've got a podcast. It's available on itunes, a little something called "Stitcher," which is not a sewing app, very sad, and of course, the local favorite, Satchel. For now, we're on soundcloud, but I don't know how long that will last. Soundcloud costs after a certain point, and we don't get a lot of views that way.

NOT ENOUGH FOR YA? Check out our YOUTUBE page, where I put videos other than the podcast! (I also put the podcast there, it's true)

And most importantly, subscribe to the newsletter. The link's at the bottom of the page. You'll get stuff that NOBODY ELSE gets - it might be pictures of strange finds, a haiku, or directions to something weird that you'd never stumble across on your own. The newsletter it a joy. Subscribe to it.

The Pearl River Flow has many tributaries and many diversions. Be sure to find us on TWITTER and FACEBOOK, as well. 

seriously, subscribe to the newsletter, it's a damn joyride.