Alex Jones and Me

With apologies to the Counting Crows.

(also if you don’t remember this song, you can use that link to get this weird, weird joke)

This is the most "illuminati plot" picture I could easily find. 

This is the most "illuminati plot" picture I could easily find. 

Sha la, la, la, la, la, la
Uh, huh
I was down at the Alamo
Starin' at a secret owl
Alex Jones starts yellin out a conversation
With anyone who will listen
You know, that they will listen to him because he’s a human
And it’s suddenly beautiful, we all want something beautiful
Man, I wish I was beautiful
So come shout this message down through the warring
Sha la, la, la, la, la, la, la
Uh, huh
Cut up, Prison Planet
Show me some of them Bohemian rituals
Pass me a bottle, Alex Jones
Believe in me
Help me believe in anything
'Cause I, I wanna be someone who believes
Alex Jones and me tell each other fairy tales
And we stare at the beautiful owl
She's looking at you
Ah, no, no, she is looking at me
Smilin' in the bright lights
Comin' through in stereo
When everybody sees you
You can never be lonely
Well I'm a paint a picture
Paint myself behind the prison bars
All of the tiny messages are very, very meaningful
Yeah, well you know, flouride is in my water
Everything was symbolic yesterday
If I knew George Soros
He would buy me a mind control guitar to play
Alex Jones and me look into the future
Yeah, we stare at the liberal elite
They’re looking at you, and also, they’re looking at me
Standin' in the eye light
I bought myself a gay frog
Chemtrails make everybody love me
I will never be lonely
I will never be lonely
Said I'm never gonna be lonely
I wanna be a human
A real live human who is alive
We all wanna have big, big feelings
Yeah, but we got different reasons for that
Believe in me 'cause I don't believe in anything
And I, I wanna be someone to believe
To believe, to believe
Alex Jones and me staring at the chemtrails
They make all the frogs beautiful women
It’s perfect for you
Man, it’s perfect for me
Bob Dylan was in the illuminati
Alex Jones wishes he was someone just a little more funky
When everybody sees you
Ah son, that's just a Panopticon you see
Mr. Jones and me starin' at the video
When I look at the television
I see the illuminati starin' right back at me
We all wanna be real humans
But we don't know why and we don't know how
But when everybody listens me
The globalists are just as mad as they can be

Alex Jones and me, we're gonna be big stars