The Pearl River Flow Show Rider

An example of a good Pearl River Flow "Green" Room setup. 

An example of a good Pearl River Flow "Green" Room setup. 

Since discovering that performers often can demand things for their services, our editor and employer FPJEROME has begun doing this, resulting in a minimum rider that most venues who plan to accommodate “Mr. Pearl River Flow” should have no trouble meeting.

6 cans beer: 32 oz. Something nice, like Camo or Miller High Life

3 cans gasoline (empty)

1 bottle (750ml) Heaven Hill Bourbon

1 bottle (750ml) Thousand Pipers Scotch

1 bottle (750ml) Homemade moonshine

2 dozen empty mussel shells, dirty (FPJEROME does his own mussel shell cleaning)

1 whole catfish (live)

6 abandoned shoes

1 bottle Louisiana hot sauce, more than half empty, with ample crust in the bottle neck

1 paper sack (damp) filled with old fruit

6 bottles with unidentified liquids still in the bottom

1 gallon water (on floor)

10-15 rags (unclean)

Tin cup, hubcab, old tire (x1)

An animal skull (any size)


Raccoon (live, not caged)

Pile of dirty clothes

Wood, any sort (large)

Trash, in a 2-3 foot tall pile

- Thanks for getting the word out, interns. You're all fired.