Hillary Needs to Get Out of the Public Eye and so Does Everyone Else in America



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Hillary Clinton Needs to Get Out of the Public Eye and so Does Everyone Else in America

A hot take by FPJerome

After her loss in the 2016 presidential race to a candidate that I, personally could have defeated if I had spent a billion dollars, Hillary Clinton spent time honorably wandering the woods. I have long considered this to be the most noble undertaking any politician can pursue, and I feel that 40 hours of woodland wandering should be mandatory for all elected officials.

Now, however, she, like 333 million other Americans, is constantly in the public eye relitigating the 2016 presidential primary, in which she defeated the 172 million Americans over the age of 35 who were running for the democratic nomination to the presidency of the United States.

Then she had the gall - a gall unmitigated by the 4.3 million hot takes that have come out since the election, written articles that detail the events of what will likely be the last presidential election by the human race in America - to write a book about the election, taking only 10 months to do so, not even having the basic human decency to give the hot takes - which we, as a nation, were generating one of every 10 seconds - to cool.

I am proud to say that I think that Hillary Clinton and the other 332,999,999 million Americans all need to get out of the public eye and accept this or any election as a profound loss that should result in our banishment from the sphere of public opinion and punditry. For far too long we have listened to one another spew our discourse into the airwaves, ether, and through the tubes of the internet. Our glowing screens portend the doom that we hasten with our rage at its approach. Each of us, like Hillary Clinton, believes our worthless words to be something more than fuzzy logic informed by bad data created by biased and imperfect brains that were long ago stripped of any ability to create by advertising and television.

We should all shut up and wander the woods. This is the first in a three part series where I take my own advice. The other parts will be published via a nontraditional small press that specializes in throwing absurd manuscripts into the swamp.


Interns and editors are currently scouring the swamp for these other parts.