Clarion Ledger Lifestyles


Once again, our adventurous interns found a scrapped feature from the local paper. "Clarion Ledger Lifestyles" was supposed to be a fun, uplifting extension of Mississippi concerns in a light, home-centered format. All that was recovered was the titles.

Everyone at the Thanksgiving Table Likes Donald Trump, So You've Got to Argue About Religion: Six Pointers.

Why Rehabilitate Your Status as the Paper Against Reconstruction When You Can Construct These Adorable Centerpieces?

Trouble with Your Dog Whistles? Read our Op-ed Section!

"The Pledge" How to Find out if Your Children Don't Celebrate Freedom Properly.

Prayer At School: Four Unconstitutional but Witty Retorts For Your Future Youth Pastor

Being Called a Racist: The Real Racism

Racism Can't Happen if Nobody Says the N-Word: Tips to Bumming Out Your College Kids

Black on Black Suits: A Better Conversation Starter than Black on Black Crime?

Cops: Are You Submitting Enough?

Methodists vs. Baptists: Can You Tell Who's A Sinner?

Blessing Their Hearts: A How-To-Guide for Busy Mother-in-Laws

Making Sure He or She Always Uses Gendered Pronouns, Despite What Your Male or Female Family Members Want

Donald Trump: Our Only President?

Blue Lives: The Only Lives That Matter!

Lord's Prayer? Or Satan's Sayer? Make Sure YOUR Christian Household is Saying it RIGHT!

Dinnertime Apocalypse: What to do When Someone Seasons the Food

Pentecostals vs. Episcopalians: Denims and Don'ts

784 Ways to Ask Someone What Church They Go To In the First 60 Seconds of Conversation!

Pinterest: Better than Public Schools for Your Education? We Think So!

Craft Your Own Alternative to Taxing the Wealthy

How to Passively Aggressively Call Someone "Sugar" When They've Got Diabetes

Cast Vegetarians out of Your Home with Our Hidden Meat Recipes!

Due to the Denim's and Don'ts, this is slightly more useful than the CL Op-Eds. - FPJEROME