BEHOLD, the MIGHTY RIVER! I mean, the website. Explore! Your search shall reward you with things you never knew existed! Here is the map to your new reality, the strange geographies of Pearl River Flow await.

This flowing stream of information is the "Main" page of Pearl River Flow. Here you will find exalted weirdness, both comedic and dark. The things on this page are a reflection of the dark machines that pump out our news and infotainment, they are not to be believed. Entering The Newsflow as an act of reality-navigation can result in dangerous mental errors. Entries on THE MAP that come The Newsflow are color coded with a red STAR.

This flowing stream of information is the "editorial" page of Pearl River Flow. Sometimes it's too difficult, or undesirable, to achieve our information goals through the obtuse metaphorical machine of the Newsflow. That's when things go Downstream. Downstream can be navigated easily, it is a straightforward place. Entries on THE MAP that come from Downstream are a rather unattractive brown colored STAR.
Unless it's from The Bike Trail in which case it's color coded with a nice light blue DIAMOND.


These unmapped souls are some of the co-inhabitors of the Pearl River Flow universe. If you feel as though you could or should be included, there's also ways to contact us there.

One of our favorite photographic subjects at Pearl River Flow is the majestic, ubiquitous abandonded shoe. We use a nice yellow tag to denote the locations of Abandoned Shoes.

Are you the type of person who enjoys the crying of children? We have just the gallery for you. Imagine, if you must, the tears these children shed over these once-beloved objects. Their fearful imaginations, portent with anthropomorphized emotions of the lost object. But the object can feel nothing. We have color coded these with a BLACK tag, because of course we have.

Old Cans and Bottles:

I would use white text to tell you that we use a white tag to indicate Old Cans and Bottles on the map, but we use a white background and you'd never be able to see it. Anyway. There are a lot of old cans and bottles out there, so there are a lot of them in the gallery and on the map as well. 

You had to check, didn't you? You monster. You monster. We use a white label to indicate Old Cans and Bottles on the map.

At the heart of Pearl River Flow is rotting trash. We map our uncategorized trash with a nice seagreen tag.


For many people the bridge is all they know of a river. We'd be fools to not photograph them - no matter their condition or use.

We use a fruity orange tag to let you know where the Bridges are.

Dead Things:

Everything dies. When that happens in the Pearl River Flow domain, we take note with a tasteless photograph.

The Dead are all alike, and marked with a gray tag.

Less Depressing Vistas:

Sometimes I just like to take a nice photograph.

When I take one of those, there is a nice red tag. Don't confuse it with the RED STAR.

The Collection:

The collection houses all the photographs, the non Pearl River Flow fiction I write, the GAME REVIEWS, recipes, and TV REVIEWS that I deign to undertake.

The Babble:

The Babble is the companion podcast to Pearl River Flow. Each episode has a unique location that may come in handy to know. These USEFUL LOCATIONS are marked with a GOLDEN SQUARE. 

It is available on stitcher, google play, and Satan's Bloatware, iTunes

STANDING UP: This is not on the map, but it is a collection of various recordings of stand up comedy that I have permission to use from shows I have been in.