Galactus's Yelp Review of Earth

This place is endlessly frustrating. Was told by a good friend that it was going to be really tasty and easy to get to, however, when I got there, couldn't find it at all - the owners apparently had put rocks or something all out in front so you couldn't see it from the road?

Anyway, when I got there, finally - my good friend was really helpful there, I can't believe he had to do all that work just to get to the place, but apparently the whole joint isn't run well at all - the thing is CRAWLING with life. I mean, it's a shitty kind of life, some kind of insect had taken up residence on almost all the surfaces, and was even building some kind of mockery of buildings and cities and civilzations on the surface, that's how  DISGUSTING it was, so I set down and figured I'd just get some water. The place is like MOSTLY WATER too, so I know they've got to have a good glass of water, but then the insects started MESSING with me? (Also later I found out that there's bugs IN THE WATER, TOO, so I guess I'm glad this whole thing was a shit show)

By then, though, the bugs - four of them in particular - are REALLY messing with me. Like, dragging my utensils off the plate messing with me, stinging me and it wasn't like I wasn't prepared for this kind of shit show (I eat out for ALL my meals, so I get a lot of this crap) - I had brought some bug spray and some other countermeasures but I'll be damned if they didn't even deal with all of it.

Then one of them threatens me with A GUN. No, I don't mean the manager (he was nowhere to be found, OF COURSE) I mean the BUGS. A GUN. Like, a deadly gun. Like, if he'd used it, we'd both have died and probably the whole damn restaurant. 

It was so stressful that my friend and I wound up in a HUGE fight and I haven't spoken to him in decades after that incident. 

DO NOT GO TO EARTH. Terrible service. Food fights back. Not worth the trip.