Apocalypse Limericks

Whenever an apocalypse occurs in the multiverse, if the culture has developed the limerick, a limerick will usually be among the last surviving cultural artifacts. No one, save GALGERAN, knows why. We have collected some of those apocalyptic limericks here, in our second collection of apocalyptic poetry. (Here is the FIRST)

The cows all used to eat grass

And methane came out of their ass

But teeth they have shown

With a tinkered genome

Our meat’s how they make their breakfast

Beware the face of a clone

In a vat they are grown

When you think that you see her

Or look in your mirror

Be sure of what side you are on

Hickory dickory dock

You are in for a shock

The AI plays dirty

And for you, it just might be

Applying electrodes to your cock

They put on a helmet of plastic

In order to do something drastic

With drone and baton

And body armor all on

They’ll make you pay for being sarcastic

The worms they go in your brain

To prevent you all of this strain

They can make you forget

The most unpleasant vignette

But obey or they’ll drive you insane

They no longer have a uniform

Not a patch or a badge just a gun

How much can you pay?

Their visors will say

And they’ll never leave you alone

The buses and trains load up here

And a ticket costs everything dear

For as the sky turns to fire

They’ll head north or expire

You bought your children one more year

On the day we dropped the last bomb

We did it without any qualm

For we could not regret

Being the only ones left

At last the whole world would be calm

You do what you do to me

And say that it makes you free

You produce evidence

And keep taking your chance

But by and by you’ll pay the same fee